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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-06-27
Piston Pumps: Construction, Functioning and Features These pumps are constructed in a simple manner. They consist of a cylinder wall and a piston rod that moves against it. A volume capacity that totally depends on the speed of the pump. So, as long as the pump is functioning and rotating in a circular motion, the volume of the entire liquid remains and rotates in the system. Such pumps do not operate at high temperatures and apparently have an ephemeral life. However, it also needs to be clearly stated that these pumps are unlike a centrifugal pump. They have an extremely flat flow performance curve that is not affected by any change in pressure. This type of mechanism poses dangerous blockages and thus, highlights the need for devices like unloaded valves in the system to gain better overall performance. These types of pumps can be based on a single piston, or multiple parallel pistons. They have better priming characteristics and are normally reciprocated using crankshafts or cams. Moreover, the stroke of the piston can be adjusted as per the requirement of the application and the user. These pumps can deliver heads up to 1000 bar and the largest sizes of these devices can deliver flows of 40m3/ hr. Uses in Pressure Washing Industries Industrial machines have several small parts and unreachable areas that cannot be cleaned or washed with a human hand. Hence, such industries require pumps to do the needful job. High pressure washing equipments pressure washes the dirt, dust, stains and oil found on the machinery and keeps it clean and maintained. Piston pumps as a matter of fact are often used for metering low flow rate fluids at more modest pressures in chemical process plants and laboratories. The use of these pumps is widespread in the industry, and is particularly used for cleaning operations and maintaining machines. They are specifically built with pistons that help generate high output power used for ejecting water through jet pipes. They have the efficiency of springing the right amount of water content through the jets. Piston pumps are designed to cater the requirements of industrial as well as household purposes. Moreover, they are also tested and operated under different conditions so that the durability and shelf life of given equipment increases.
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