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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-01
Below are some of the factors to look for in a good armored car. Consider the level of protection you need Before ordering for a Luxury Armored SUV, first determine the levels of protection you require. This is because the thickness of the armor plating used on the vehicle will vary depending on the danger you anticipate. For small arms, the armor will be thinner but for specialized weapons the armor requires to be thicker so as to stop high caliber projectiles from piercing the armor. Ensure full armor protection It's not enough to just have thick steel plating on the doors to help prevent ballistics, but other sections of the vehicle also require to be protected. Ballistic proof glass, engine and suspension armor and the vehicle's roof also require to be armored to help prevent attack from any direction. Make sure to use other materials also to help prevent projectile penetration such as ballistic Kevlar fabric which has been tested and proven to stop bullets and other high velocity projectiles. This fabric can also be used to provide an additional layer of protection. Also ensure the sun roof is ballistic proof, the Chevrolet Suburban is one such luxury armored vehicle which comes with the sun roof which requires to also be replaced with ballistic proof glass. Carefully examine venerable areas of a vehicle There's no point of having a well armored vehicle if it's not functioning so venerable sections such as the motor, cooling system, tires, fuel tank, battery and computer require special protection. Terrorists know these weaknesses on an armored vehicle and usually target them to immobilize the vehicle. The Mercedes G Wagon comes with some of these vulnerable areas protected that requires additional armor to help provide additional protection. Reinforce the vehicle doors and moving parts The armored vehicle weighs double the weight of a normal vehicle and this put considerable pressure on certain moving parts such as door hinges. Using the factory made ones will only result in damage in a few weeks, so small details like this also require to be re-enforced to ensure the vehicle remains fully functional at all times. This also applies for the window sliders and all other moving parts in the vehicle which require to be replaced with re-enforced parts specially made for armed protection. Whether you intend on having a Chevy Suburban custom build and armored or you intend on buying a factory armed luxury car, it's important you spend some time to pinpoint some important points linked to car armament. Only after you understand the principles linked to armored vehicle you are able to select the best armed vehicle to provide you with the utmost protection.
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