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If you are in the design or manufacturing business

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-14
The great news about prototype casting is that the technology has been developed. Many people in the design and manufacturing industry turned up their noses at the primitive forms of prototype tooling because the models they received were molds that were not too detailed. Instead they would get loose replications of their designs that might help them to understand the dimensions, but not really understand the complexity of detail. When you are creating parts and new products, you need to make sure that every little piece is where it needs to be. It is hard to judge size and space if you do not have each necessary detail. In this era of computerization, the smallest parts can be essential to functionality. The new prototype casting begins with CAD or Computer Assisted Design. This is a simple process where the user translates your design onto a computer program that will allow the prototype tooling specialist to see it 3-dimensionally. This will allow the specialist to create a detailed, multilayered model that will then go through the stereolithography process. This process is also known as SLA. SLA is the most efficient way to create detailed 3D parts and product prototypes, regardless of size. If you are ready to get a service that can take care of each of your prototype casting needs, you will want to be sure that this service will listen to your requests. There are too many prototype tooling services out there that try to take a one size fits all approach to prototypes. The best will understand that some clients need a rapid job that is not as detailed, whereas others will allow a longer turnaround as long as the model is highly detailed.
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