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I will tell you how to make and build your pure fast

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-07
its fun trust me. All right, once you have made a character and gotten through the tutorial island. MELLEE Right out of lumbridge start training at goblins till u hit 20 str and 5 atk.never get a high atk for a free member pker becuase its just a waste trust me in the long run. From there go to cows get 10 atk and ehhh... 30 str. remembering to bank all your hides as u get. each cowhide are 100-130 each. From there you have to go to barbarian village and kill barbarians.not much cash but. pick up bones and bank and sell them. its a steady cash flow but not much at here, you want to get 20 atk and 50 str.( or ultimately just get 50 str and 30 atk) after these the most famous little creature in the stronghold of security ; flesh crawlers. these are lvl 35 but have 25 hitpoints giving 100 exp per kill and have low defence. ( found in the southeast corner of the second level. [level of Famine])known in the members world to bring in about 200k in one hour. but in free members you dont make anything from it. the best alternative for training like these is hill giants and thsoe are always packed but give the same exp and there bones are 500 each. just train str level to your desired level. good luck! RANGED Range is the easy part but boring.range gives you the freedom to 'safespot'or attack a NPC from a safe distance without getting hit. so u can eliminate food and just train, a big advantage at hill giants. From levels 1 -20 get at goblins or cows your choice. at cows remember to bring for a bit of cash. Levels 20-40 I would suggest barbarians and flesh crawlers for best exp. From level 40 ranged and on in free members, should always be fleshcrawlers because of the fast experience you get from them which you cant get anywhere else in the free servers. FAST RUNDOWN OF TRAINING PART OF GUIDE 20 str 5 atk goblins 30 str 10 atk cows 50 str 20 atk barbarians, fleshcrawlers, and hill giants 1-20 range goblins and cows 20-40 range - barbarians and fleshcrawlers 40 and on flesh crawlers VISUAL AID Goblins are found to the west ,cows are found in the fenced in area to the northeast. Within the barbarian village there are barbarians simply attack them. levels ranging from 9-17 rangers note that you can safespot the barbarians from behind the mining rocks in the middle. Barbarian Village located south of edgeville and west of varrock. To get into the hill giant lair you need a brass key you can buy one from the grand exchange.Labeled 'ladder to brass key house'is where you entered.
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