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I have this copper handles on my wardrobe and

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-09
Ok let us start cleaning copper stains from handles The Preparation I've read some solutions which includes boiling them at first, but removing the handles from wardrobe it seems mission impossible to me. So I try to find steaming machine from my friends but I failed. So I get this cloth and soak it in hot water, after that I began cleaning the handles with it. After I was sure that they are perfectly clean and ready for further procedures I start mixing my recipe. The Recipe My spots were a lot and some of them were big. So I've need the whole treatment, but if you have fewer and smaller ones, it is possible for you to be able to clean them only with the first solution. Start with mixing Vinegar, Salt and Flour paste. Soak a cloth in this mixture and start working over the handles. After few minutes you will see how the smaller ones stains start to disappear and the bigger ones fades. This means that is time for the second mixture. Make solution from one part salt and one part lemon juice. Stir well until the salt has dissolved, then you are ready to go. Soak another cloth in this mixture and start to rubbing those spots on your handles. Most of the brushed area will start to shine and the spots will fade away. In my case some small 'shadows' still left. That is why I use the Tomato paste in the same way. Soak a clean cloth and then rub the stain area with it. After all of the stains are gone, clean with wet cloth and your old handles are as new. I will be very happy if you share your experience with stain over copper with me. If my mixtures helped you please share, tweet or do whatever you do when you like something.
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