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I have been using graphite shafts for some time now

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-04
Following on from the highly-successful MP-68 irons, the new blades have been designed to offer workability and high levels of feel to the more accomplished golfer. Mizuno engineers designed a 4D Muscle innovation that means golfers can expect a slightly higher trajectory with the longer irons, and a more penetrative ball flight in the shorter sticks where distance control is crucial. In terms of looks, the 69s are as visually-pleasing as their predecessors but there is certainly an larger element of forgiveness about the new clubs, in spite of their bladed appearance. The sole shape of the MP-69 irons was slightly redesigned to maintain effective bounce while increasing overall workability through trailing edge relief. An ideally placed beveled trailing edge delivers more consistent ball striking with a Tour proven sole size and shape. Complete with the appropriate amount of relief for a deeper Center of Gravity (COG), Mizuno's new sole design increases the versatility of the Mizuno MP-69. Modified U-grooves, which conform to the Condition of Competition 2010, produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions. This set is targeted at Tour Players and low handicap amateurs. The Mizuno MP-69 Irons (http://www.golfaustralianonline.com/Mizuno-MP-69-Irons-3-9P-Golf-Club-Graphite--Steel-371.html) are designed with precision craftsmanship to maintain the standards MP players have come to expect. Mizuno incorporates a newly developed 4D Muscle design to further optimize the set, resulting in a consistent sweet spot height throughout the line that creates predictable penetrating trajectory. The new 4D muscle pad on the back of the MP-69's clubhead, strategically places the weight progressively through the set to produce easier-to-hit long irons with a slightly higher ball flight than before, whilst the shorter irons remain cleaner and more compact with a high center of gravity for improved trajectory control. The MP-69s offer great levels of feedback thanks to Mizuno's Grain Flow Forged clubheads, that produce an improved impact sound and feel. Lastly, the Mizuno MP-69s feature an evolved sole design with a more beveled trailing edge for cleaner turf interaction. In conclusion, these clubs have beautiful muscle back blades with classic mizuno feel. Surprisingly forgiving in the long irons. I love them more than my previous MP 53 Irons. The best game improving clubs that I have ever owned. I may even get a second set to hang on the wall because these clubs are so gorgeous.
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