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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-22
A winch is one of those things that, when you really need one usually nothing else will do. It is very hard to improvise the power to pull a car out of a creek bed or a tree off of a road. That is why once someone sees the power of a winch, their ATV's, 4 wheelers, Jeeps and often SUV's will have a winch on them. I know more than one person who will not own any type of truck or 4 wheeler without a winch on it. For anyone looking for a winch, there are two things to say - Smittybilt, and 4Wheel Drive Hardware. Smittybilt is synonymous with quality - this once small company was started in 1956 by Basil Smith - Smitty to his friends and customers. Back then the company was called Rock-ett, and he built custom equipment for four wheel drives and Jeeps. Over the years, the name was changed to Smittybilt but the quality always stayed. That quality is why 4Wheel Drive Hardware chooses to stock the Smittybilt products. Now owned by Transamerican Auto Parts, 4Wheel Drive Hardware is the # 1 mail order and internet retailer for Jeep, 4 wheel drive and atv/off-road parts and accessories. If you are looking for anything to do with off-roading, chances are 4Wheel Drive Hardware has what you need at the best price around. Thanks to their purchase by Transamerican Auto Parts, they now also have more shipping locations than ever before, which means that your orders will get to you quicker than ever. Quality parts at quality prices have always been the driving force behind 4Wheel Drive Hardware, and that remains their strongest goal. That quality is easy to see in the XRC Winch line; from the small Smittybilt XRC 3 to the XRC 12, these are heavy duty pieces of equipment that are built to pull, and built to last through years of tough service. You won't have to worry about babying a Smittybilt - they are built for the tough road, and all models come with advanced electrical motors and planetary gear systems. The XRC 3.0 is great for all ATV and UTV's, and will fit any standard bolt pattern for winches, but don't forget the additional accessories that will make your winch work smart; you can get these in the ATV set or order the pieces individually. When it is time to order your Smittybilt winch, come to the best place to buy it - 4Wheel Drive Hardware!
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