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Golf is one of those sports, which requires several

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-07
Woods are used to hit long shots whereas irons are used for shots which are less than 200 yards from the green. Wedges are special clubs, played from the rough while a putter rolls the ball into the cup. Whether it is a wood, iron, wedge or a putter, golf clubs are made of three essential components. 1. Grips - A grip provides traction. It gives a player the confidence to swing the club fearlessly. They are available in many colors, patterns and typically made from soft materials. 2. Shaft - A shaft on the other hand is made from steel and several innovative composite materials such as graphite and titanium. Shafts are connected to the club head with the help of a hosel. Flex or flexibility of the shaft plays an important role. The choice varies with each individual. 3. Head - While woods usually have a spherical head, hybrids have small & compact heads. Putters tend to be flatter due to the nature of the task it performs. The above mentioned golf components together make a club. As mentioned above golf is played with different clubs. Although these clubs provide adequate features and accomplish their task perfectly there are times when a player aspires for a club which has the advantages of woods and irons rolled into one Hybrids offer a great solution. They are typically built like fairway woods. The face of the head is generally shallow, bent inwards and made from steel or titanium. It does not have a large extended design but it offers that extra push, called the impulse. Hybrid golf clubs do not possess flaws such as low trajectory of irons and difficult swing action of fairway woods. A golf grip is one of the three components of a club. Grips are important because without them the club would just fly off the hands. The new Dri-Tac Series from Winn grips provides high tack, which allows a golfer to swing the club confidently. It also offers a comfortable feel because of its patented Winn-dry polymer. These are non-slip, all weather resistant grips which last long and offer high tackiness for longer duration
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