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Giant wooden seldom seen carver razor-sharp -- -

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-06
Yonghegong lamasery is established in China in the 3rd Tibetan Buddhism the monastery han areas famous.Hidden inside a lot of art treasures media &business summit.Visit yonghegong lama temple, not from within the 'woodcarving mostly excellent reputation through.' 'Mostly' one, gold-rimmed nanmu carve protect Buddha giant niches Zhao Buddha floor, was qing emperor qianlong's biological mother NiuHu eloth wong calendar of filial piety of buddhist holy xian dowager.Inside the building up and down between north of four south three rooms, perfect structure devin fluctuation two layers.Zhao Buddha floor between north 4 face south for have 2.5 meters with ancient cast-bronze shakyamuni Buddha water lines garment, two sides for disciple, resemble the difficult, kasyapa. Zhao Buddha temple set in the north wall building protect Buddha giant niches, full-bodied high 5.5 meters wide and 3.5 meters, width is 2.5 meters, with precious DiaoLou gold-rimmed nanmu with direct from the ground, niches through the roof, second hall inside loft, niche body three layers.There are dragons stand on niches, lateral dragons, line yunlong, cloth ishida, plate column dragons, each state such as rolling dilong jinlong, mutual and ninety-nine. Mesoscopic this niche, making the round with anaglyph, workman, etc, carve of gimmick, make its jinlong posture is lifelike, smooth feeling strong;This seat is known as niches within the 'mostly' one. Wood 'Mostly' another, red sandalwood wood 500 LuoHanShan recreate buddhist disciple big party For the temple monks wheel house place of collective chanting, commonly known as 'DaJingTang'.Inside the ZongKaBa supplied 6.1 metres behind ZuoXiang master copper surface north, display has a high 2.5 meters, width 3 meters of large Buddha preach for stories of art.It stand saunders, an expensive landslides purification gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, five metals casting 500 honour arhat, called 'red sandalwood wood LuoHanShan 500'. Yonghegong the 'ocean's' LuoHanShan 500 saunders watership king outside the ancient Indian up seven leaves the disciple party when the grotto spectacle. 500 honour elegant, lifelike, ocean's method, enjoying the relocation of ocean or ride or soaring, or ChengLong crane roam, or lianchi fangsheng, or relative 'comprehend or hole in trance, or panasonic, or flute right YinFeng, its expression lifelike enumerate.This 500 practitioners in the waterfall, los cliff hole streams and green bamboo cyproess and winding mountains modelling foil below, extremely vivid. 'BaiTan third act' MuJiang ba Buddha wonderful phase solemn Yonghegong temple 'mostly''s crown, to tens of thousands of f pavilion in bashan resemble Buddha statue strong Buddha.'A strong, said ba of Tibetan pronunciation;Chinese meaning, for the future or when to laying.Mesoscopic Buddha body, from top to bottom line is fluent, skilled stand.Buddha statue of the earth by foot, connect body to top $18 meters, the hidden underground part 8 meters, connects tall based 26 meters. This is the Buddha of Tibetan style stands the image, head wear crowns, and wearing five Buddha treasure bodhisattva outfit, posture underfoot, wonderful phase solemn.Five Buddha treasure crowns, is by the five woodcarving Ephraim disc combination becomes;Mesoscopic every disc Ephraim piece, there are around filled afterward.not coils careless grain appearance;And every piece of Ephraim disc coils careless grain appearance inside, all have of Buddha, namely the east, south, west and north, in taiyuan wufang Buddha image, the treasure of the five wisdom watch the dharma. Buddha statue facial expression grave kindly, eyebrow eye stretch, smooth inspect ahead;Their body times act the role ofing, keeping the solemn wreaths on each side by Tibetan treasure phase to represent each a lotus ring of dharma, and set the, hui, mani four grandeur phase.And each lotus root from every tendril a along the Buddha, Buddha is outspread, arms around the direct to right and left hands. Buddha statue right arm and hand in his chest, forefinger bowed with thumb guitar, light twisting right of Ephraim root cirsoid seeketh;Slightly below the right hand, left hand in the same type of fine twined hands left arm lotus cirsoid sought; liveBuddha neck also has huge beads hang a string, the idea has 108 star, more foil a Buddha's extraordinary. Michael stone made outside the house, featuring the lama temple GongDeBei WanFuGe restorer of inscriptions, inscription of emperor qianlong fifteen years, carrying the seventh: thanks jia cuo wanli the dalai BaiTan giant wood waste into mofa, hence deep into the palace carved maitreya bodhisattva resemble high 18 meters, in accordance with WanFuGe on success in the FengAn like built. Strong and our Buddha stood like a national unified national consolidate and develop the historical testify. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit Forbidden City Tours for details.
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