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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-26
Friction is the force that resists motion when the surface of one object comes into contact with the surface of another. In a machine, friction reduces the mechanical advantage, or the ratio of output to input: an automobile, for instance, uses one-quarter of its energy on reducing friction. Yet, it is also friction in the tires that allows the car to stay on the road, and friction in the clutch that makes it possible to drive at all. From matches to machines to molecular structures, friction is one of the most significant phenomena in the physical world. Friction Screw PressesDown Stroke (Steel Body) Graded Steel Body. Screw made of Alloy Steel EN 24 Quality Leather Used Trouble Free Performance Special Design Silent Design Fitted with Roller bearing & Phasphorous Bronze Easy to set. Body neeling Tie Rod in body for Strength Friction Screw Presses These machines are specially designed to make bolt head of any kind, forge, rivets, spikes, pan headed rivets, hub bolt, box spanner, head refractory and Naushadar bricks can also be made on it. Motor parts Machinery parts can also be made on it. The main frame is of Cast Iron / Steel Body of generous proportion and reinforced with ribs. The main shaft carrying the pulleys runs on roller bearings fixed in cast Iron pedestals bolted on the frame in between the pedestals are mounted two cast iron imparting motion to an alloy steel square threaded screw fixed with a key and nut to it. On the screw is mounted a mild steel slide and Ram with replaceable cast iron strips sliding and Ram against the guide ways of the main frame. To the bottom of screw is fitted a phasphorous bronze insert for carrying the block set. The slide and Ram is balance by a counterweight which ensure smooth running. A head control leaver is fitted at the front of the machine so as to conveniently operate a clutch fitted to the main shaft. On depressing the control leaver, engagement of the drive is effected by the longitudinal movement of the shaft and discs thereon against the friction wheel. In a normal working control leaver is simply depressed and released where upon the slide and Ram performs stroke by upward movement of the slide and Ram on the screw and comes to rest in horizontal position.
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