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For computer maintenance workers, experience is

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-14
After the first survey, familiar with Notebook computer maintenance, we first make clear failure occurs before the application condition and computer maintenance condition, understand the specific fault phenomenon and the use of when a fault happens hardware and software environment to suit the remedy to the case. In addition, on its computer maintenance should also understand before the computer hardware and software configuration and already use fixed number of year, etc, do are offered. After the first software, hardware To eliminate software failure to exclude hardware problems, this is the important principles notebook computer maintenance. In the course of maintenance should pay attention to the user software use environment with standard and we have what distinction, is there any industry recognized not compatible with the use of the software system startup have what problem,, must first without software problem again embarked on hardware maintenance. Such as WINDOWS system software was damaged or lost may cause the produce, because crash fault system startup is a step-by-step process, which links all cannot appear mistake, if there are damaged executable files or drivers, the system will dead here. But computer parts itself problem, plug-connecting interface contact problem, hardware equipment Settings issues such as whether the BIOS, drivers, and perfect compatibility and hardware power equipment, and the stability of the compatibility between components resistance interference sex etc also may lead to the computer hardware fault production. Crash We should start from the maintenance software aspects to consider the hardware. After the first cleaning, maintenance If already open notebook computer, in checking laptops internal accessories shall first look inside machine on whether clean, if found within the element, fuses machine, went line and gold finger dust, dirt, between the web or excess solder, welding oil etc, should first overhaul to be cleared, again, such already can reduce natural fault, and can get twice the result with half the effort. Practice shows that many of the fault is caused due to dirt, once clean fault tend to disappear automatically. After the first power, machine The power supply is laptops and accessories heart, if the power is not normal, it is impossible to guarantee the normal work, other parts will not check other fault. If you met without electricity, etc and power fault related faults should first consider the correctness of detecting the source, including batteries have electricity, if external power adapter, to test whether socket intact, power adapter output voltage and current rions this model laptops requirements. After initiative outside, inside machine For host or monitor doesn't appear on the failure of notebook computer, should check the notebook power part of the external parts, especially some of the switch, socket turned without such phenomena, short circuit breakers, don't think these are minor small proved many users, the computer malfunctions are from this and rise. When confirmed when turned parts, again carries on the other normal testing. After first machinery, electrical Due to the particularity of the laptop installation for each component assembly require very fine, improper installation may cause a lot of problems, so check it again without assemble mechanical failure without checking its electrical failure is overhaul of general principles of computer. Above the notebook computer maintenance for some experiences and skills, hope to be helpful to you.
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