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Even before the United States Army was created in 1775

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-07
The first military band for America was commanded by none other than Benjamin Franklin. Fife players and various other musicians marched with over 1,000 soldiers. This was the first documented appearance of musicians in the military. There were also several regiments in the Army that performed for ceremonies and other special occasions. During the Revolutionary War in 1775, the musicians created the steady, pounding rhythms that helped the new milita to drill. The colonists used military bands to play patriotic arrangements at rallies to increase support as the war intensified. Some battles, such as the Battle of Bennington, may have been successful due to the musicians playing well into enemy positions. By 1777, drums and trumpets were used to control the movements of cavalry regiments. Many times, drum calls were used instead of verbal commands. The soldiers learned to respond to the beat of the drum. In 1781, musicians such as drummers and fifers were picked from the ranks and were then exempt from soldierly duties. During the 1830s, brass instruments were add and it really changed the overall sound and the size of the band. With a salary of only $8.00 a month for bandsmen, there was never any shortage of men signing up for this musical duty. During the Civil War from 1861-1865, the military grew to rely more on military musicians to position troops and motivate them on to victory. They entertained troops and raised morale. In fact, some musicians actually played a form of concert while they were in the foremost position during a battle. By the 1920s, the Army had implemented a band training program in an attempt to rival the military bands of Great Britain and France. General John J. Pershing believed that this training program was essential to helping create an Army Band that would keep morale high. In fact, one of the most prestigious Army bands to day is called 'Pershing's Own.' The training was designed by the New York Symphony conductor at the time. General Pershing's most significant change in the United States Army band was the increase in members from 28 to 48, which gave the band a full instrumentation that still exists today. Through next sixty years, the Army bands would go through even more changes. These bands would accompany combat units during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. During Desert Strom and Desert Shield, the bands performed many ceremonies and concerts, but also helped guard the perimeters. Today, the Army Bands perform for both soldiers and civilians alike. One of the best ways to recognize a member of this elite group of musical soldiers is with an Army Band ring. You can create a personalized Army Band ring that any Army musician would be proud to wear. You can order an Army Band ring online and have it delivered anywhere in the world.
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