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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-14
Various Types of Gate Valves Valves, as mentioned earlier, are available in various types. Different types of valves have different types of features and significance. Wedge valves: One of the most popular and widely used varieties of gate valve includes the wedge which has two inclined seats and a misaligned gate. Parallel valves: Used mostly to control the flow of water effectively, these are another variety of valve. There are two parallel seats in the parallel with a flat disc placed in between the seats to control the flow of water. The two parallel seats are placed in both upstream and downstream manner to control the water flow through pipes and ducts. Rising stem valves: A common variety includes the rising stem valve which is identified by its round handle that is attached to the stem of the valve. When the handle is turned, the shaft rises and opens the valve. To close the valve, the handle can be turned again to descend the shaft. With the use of rising stem it is easy to identify whether a valve is opened or closed. Non-rising stem valves: Contrary to the rising stem valves, the non-rising stem valves cannot be identified by visualizing the position of the stem. The stem of these do not rise or descend as the name indicates, it is therefore highly useful in places where there is limited space. It is mostly used in underground areas and mines. It can be opened by turning the handle to the right and closed by turning it to the left. As the non rising includes only one paddock it is quite easy to operate these valves. Functions and Uses of Gate Valves Though valves are used for a variety of purposes, gate valve is basically used to either open or shut the duct of the pipes completely. It cannot be used to regulate the flow of water or liquid. Partial opening of the valves can cause serious damages to the pipes. One of the greatest advantages of these valves is that it helps to limit the pressure in the pipes while the valves are opened. However, there are valves which can be used to regulate the flow of liquid in a linear manner. These valves are quite expensive compared to the normal valves and it includes more complex functions. It is also known to have less durability. Most of these valves can be bought easily from online stores today.
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