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Electric motors convert electrical power into

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-01
Motors are synonymous with rotational motion. A servo motor is a type of motor which is a part of a servo mechanism. Servo motors depend on decoders which send feedback in terms of position or speed of the shaft, which is then controlled by an electronic interface. As a general rule of thumb, the amount of torque a motor generates on the rotational attribute of a shaft depends on the current that is flowing through the motor. In simple terms, by controlling the voltage, the speed of the shaft can be easily controlled. In a servo motor, it is not the torque which is controlled, but rather the angle of the shaft which determines the speed. Servo is built with three core components; motor, potentiometer and control unit. The potentiometer and the motor work in tandem. The control unit determines the position of the shaft via potentiometer and compares it with the built-in standard reading. The motor is then moved accordingly. Yet another form of motor is the submersible motor. As the name suggests, these operate under water. Water pumps typically use such motors to pump out water from wells or other water bodies. It is also used in an oil reservoir of an internal combustion engine. These motors are sealed, obviously to prevent liquid from seeping inside. Of course they need to be installed carefully, making sure they do not collide with other components inside the water. These motors are available in unique finishes; typically stainless steel or water resistant paints. Most of its components and housings are sealed with innovative sealants which provide years of maintenance free service. There are several application areas where a custom motor is required instead of standard one. Customized motors differ from the standard motors in the following ways: 1. Construction material - Customized motors are made from special materials, which allows them to work in places where a normal motor would not perform or function, such as hazardous locations where the air is filled with corrosive or inflammable gases. Hot and humid locations also demand customized motors. Motors installed in these places have sealed enclosures and extra cooling mechanisms. 2. Special paint jobs - These motors are treated with chemicals that enhance the life of the motor. 3. Conduit boxes, bearings and shafts - These components are also tweaked depending on the area of application.
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