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Design To Fabrication: When 3D Becomes Our Daily Reality

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-18
Computers and today\'s available digital technologies have revolutionized the building through new design, documentation, and construction processes, and have driven the development of new manufacturing and construction methods.
With the emergence of new digital tools, we can use parameter design, more abstract concepts and complex geometric shapes to present designs with higher complexity and more complex definitions, this requires re-evaluation and renewal of traditional manufacturing processes and technologies.
In terms of construction and design, we have adopted new manufacturing tools developed for the automotive, aerospace, medical and manufacturing industries, however, construction technology still lags behind what we can produce today with the current computer design technology.
This is mainly due to the fact that most architects are not familiar with many of the new manufacturing tools available and are not familiar with building and specifying these non-
Standard design, the whole industry is not ready to fully respond to
Traditional bidding, signing and approval processes.
Some consulting companies, such as Fabian Scheurer and Arnold Walz\'s design and production companies, have emerged precisely to mediate and help architects implement their designs.
Desingto production is integrated by experts from different fields to help architects, engineers and manufacturers plan, detail, optimize, simplify and implement their non-
Through non-standard ideas
Standard manufacturing process.
For example, they work with Zaha Hadid at the hungeborg cableway station, where there are more than 25000 double curved and shaped glass profiles from polyethyleneaxis router.
All geometry and manufacturing data, including the tag ID of each part, are automatically generated through their parametric 3d models.
Design, production and manufacturing project of henggebao cableway (Innsbruck)
Construction tourism exhibition platform (Zurich).
CNC laser cutting machine and computer (CNC)
Milling machines have been around for decades and so far they have been fully incorporated into mainstream building tools and are a common technique in many building schools.
They allow non-manufacturing
It is almost a standard part of the cost of mass production.
However, as most of us have experienced, complex designs contain a large number of unique and specific partsto-
The n-digit and letter labels require extensive planning and complex logistics, which increases the labor force for organizing, assembling and adjusting parts for many hours.
In addition to the successful use of these techniques to produce treated, punched or specially cut panels for facades or inner walls, their use for more ambitious and complex buildings remains rare.
There are some notable examples of design objects, internal or small experimental structures such as pavilions and installations, but these still need to be considered in a wider range.
Wall tiles, images on perforated metal screens at SOM Park Hotelssom.
Laser cutting parts
Picture of Greg Lynn at Blobwall Pavilion in SCI-
The shop installed by arc Dunescape is at Moma PS1 www. shoparc.
What if we don\'t have to assemble thousands of blocks, but we can make bigger blocks?
Or better yet, what if we can print the entire building in 3d? Well we can.
For those who are not familiar with 3d printers, they are an additional manufacturing technology that allows the machine to create a 3d object from a digital model through a layered continuous layer of material.
3d printer software Cross
Then print the 3d computer file and the segment slice for each slice.
Use of different materials and technologies;
Some printers place liquid materials cured in different ways, and others melt the materials to produce layers.
Attracted by Jeffrey Mann
Capture moth flight with 3d scanner and print with 3d printer
SU11 www provides 3d printed model images for PS1 canopy proposal. su11.
Com 3d printers, which were launched about a decade ago, have grown considerably since then, have been reduced in cost, and have become a widely used technology.
Today, you can find a commercial 3d printer of refrigerator size in many construction companies and schools for production
A quick prototype of the house they designed.
Some projects, such as Fab @ home, MakerBot and RepRap, have even been pushing to make this technology cheaper and available on a personal basis so that anyone can do 3d printing on their desktop at home.
One of the main drawbacks of the 3d printer when it first appeared was printing the actual material of the part.
Since then, the toughness, appearance and print resolution of the material have all changed.
Although there were not many material alternatives before, there are 3d printers today that can use clay, cement, sand and even titanium.
There is also the technology of printing in a variety of materials and colors.
Neri Oxam Beast: in acrylic composite, recliner and monomer 1: Prototype of structural skin.
Another limitation used by the 3d printer is the actual size it can print.
The average size of the bed is 8x10x8 inch, while the size of the more complex bed can be 24x20 inch.
This limits technologies that are specifically used for small prototype visualization, which in most cases only have representation tools left.
Can the size of these beds be increased to allow for larger printing?
Yes, that\'s exactly what Enrico Dini did at the pizza warehouse, while developing 3d printing technology.
The result: being able-to-one scale. D-
The 3d printer of the shape and the radiation worm model are made by Enrico DiniD-
The large 6 m x 6 m 3d printer in the shape of Enrico Dini is located on four stretchable pillars, passing at 5-10mm.
This process turns inorganic, inexpensive, ecological materials into close stones similar to marble. On a non-
Stop working session the machine starts with the foundation and builds everything all the way to the top of the roof, including stairs, inner walls, pillars, and even cables and pipe cavities.
Dini has been working with London architect Andrea Morgan, who designed the first building to be printed.
Morgante designed a terrace based on a small micro terrace
The organism, known as Radiolaria, has been printed quarterly.
The materials included in these models cost only £ 60 in total.
Before starting a full print of the actual building, the resilience of the model and its material elements is being tested. Radiolaria -
Designed by Andrea Morgan and printed with D-
Also print shapes or eco-UrbeeCars in 3d today.
Kor Ecologic worked with Stratasys to design the first prototype car to create a body using a 3D printer using Autodesk\'s Digital Prototyping software solution.
Urbee\'s design is as efficient as possible, using renewable energy, and is designed to be the most eco-friendly car in the world.
All its external components
Glass panel included-
Urbee was created using Dimension 3D printer and Fortus 3D production system, it is just an example for eco-friendly planning.
It has the advantage of reducing the required tools, processing and handwork and becoming very efficient.
Ecology by Urbee, Republic of Korea-
R. of Gramazio & Kohler. O. B. and Prof.
Ingborg rock is another technology worth seeing in GSDAnother\'s studio --
If you might like 3d printing as it consists of an automatic add-on process built by layer --
Is it used by Gramazio & Kohler with their robot R? O. B.
With their cutting-edge work and academic research at ETH, Gramazio & Kohler has been a key figure in developing innovative designsto-
Manufacturing Process and explore the potential of digital technology that allows full manufacturing on site. R. O.
By Gramazio & Kohlerand in R. O. B.
Industrial robot is a kind of mobile and convenient industrial robot, which can work in the field or in the factory.
Stop and basically put down the bricks and build the walls with complex curvature and patterns. Prof.
Ingerborg Rockler used a similar robot in his research studio at GSD to study the potential of the technology.
The accuracy and speed of these industrial robots enable them to manufacture unprecedented complex and complex architectural forms, which are almost impossible with traditional labor.
A wall built in the GSD of the professor\'s studioIngeborg M. Rocker-
During the design process, Gramazio & Kohler used ROB to complete the brick wall of the Gantenbein vineyard facade. The architects used a set of scripted principles to allow parametric operation of the wall design, to achieve different desired quality and performance.
For example, changing the offset or angle of the brick can control the curvature and air hole rate of the wall.
The West Fest Pavillion \"brick\" of Gramazio & Kohler can be any building unit made of different materials or even different forms.
For example, custom-
Gramazio & Kohler builds arches at their designers on Saturday and you will realize that the potential of this technology is endless.
On Saturday, Gramazio Kohler designer Guy Martin designed Mary and machines in a warehouse in southern California, Guy Martin (
Contributor to Huff Post)
Work with multi-axis CNC Robot Marie to achieve the most complex digital products.
Guy Martin has always supported some of the most complex works by Philip Stark, which were manufactured by this advanced manufacturing technology.
Martin is an architect who is interested in working very close to the means of production and materials, and in digital manufacturing he has found a way to re-integrate the process and control of the architect
With his CNC Robot, he also found an efficient and economical way
Complex design can be effectively implemented.
Trying to reduce costs by reducing the number of parts
Therefore, the time and effort spent in manufacturing, installation and planning
, He was able to make components in a length of up to 80 feet at a time.
In addition, this technology allows the downstream setup of all necessary steps to be simplified during the production process, thus improving the efficiency of the entire operation.
Large prefabricated parts are then cut into the maximum length allowed by the size and weight shipping limit.
Machineous\'s Guy Martin images also offer similar services to make custom architectural designs with their multi-axis CNC.
They worked with Greg Lynn on his blog project and toy project.
The robotic arm technology used has excellent programming capabilities and physical reach flexibility.
Multi-axis CNC Robot for machine tools
Image and digital manufacturing combine rich architectural inventions and innovations, and question the roles and processes in traditional architecture and architecture.
In order to achieve a more complex design, the architect must redesign
Evaluate the manufacturing method, which in turn will also provide information for the design.
The shift from virtual design to physical reality through digital manufacturing requires architects to establish new relationships and engagement with production materials and methods.
Digital production is a kind of generative medium, which has its own restriction and possibility. Digital-to-
The manufacturing process has the potential to narrow the gap between design and construction and to revolutionize the entire construction and construction industry.
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