Luteng is a professional, auto parts, CNC shafts, and various custom CNC parts manufacturer

And we also have IATF-16949 certificate and be able to get more certificates in near future.

CNC Shafts Manufacturer

Shafts are one of main product types manufactured by Ningbo Luteng, including transmission shaft ,motor shaft ,micro-type shaft and etc. We’ve supplied many kinds of shafts to customers in pressure washer ,home appliance ,automobiles and electrical motor industries. The material we used for shafts are including steel ,stainless steel ,copper and other material required by customer.

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Various kinds of shafts

we make shafts such as motor shaft, transmission shaft,screw shaft,spline shaft ,washing machine shaft and etc.


Auto part

we have certificate of IATF 16949:2016 and cooperated with TESLA for years. It is within our ability to manufacture many kinds of turning parts for vehicles.


Copper & brass part

We supply customers with brass connector, cooper electrode and various kind of part based on customers’ drawings.



We’ve supplied pistons used in pressure cleaner and similar equipment for decades and cooperated with industry leaders such as Germany KARCHER and US Greenworks.


About Luteng


Ningbo Luteng Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in June 2006, specializing in manufacturing high precision CNC machining parts. With decades of steady development and accumulation, we’ve grown to be a medium-sized manufacturing company, covering 6,000 square meters plant and total number of employees more than 120. Our Product lines expanded to auto parts, pump parts,brass connector and etc. Along with the open and reform policy of China, Luteng’s customer has shifted from domestic to global market. Famous company such as KARCHER, Greenworks,Tesla are deeply cooperated us.

Now, we have lots of edge cutting equipment, such as twin CNC lathe, CITIC swiss lathe. Our machine list now contains more than 100 CNC lathe, 15 swiss lathe,10+ centerless grinder, 4 Cylindrical grinder,heat treatment furnance and other machines. The priority of luteng is to satisfy customer and new machines will be updated as to catch customers' requirement.

And we also have IATF-16949 certificate and be able to get more certificates in near future.

Our company culture is to be customers’audient and a fighter in Industry .  

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Just tell us what you need, we will do better than you expect.

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