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CNC Laser Cutter Journey

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-18
I would like to share with you the journey of my own CNC laser cutting machine.
Due to R & D and spending a lot of time on www, the project is brewing for about 2 years. instructables.
It took me longer than expected, but I finally decided to start building my own CNC laser cutting machine in 2014.
The motivation behind it is that I fly and make model planes and want simpler, more precise methods such as making parts for these planes.
To save money and materials, I decided to build a wooden version of the CNC machine to see what I had to invest in to get it to work.
I ordered some parts from iTead Studio to roll the ball. 1.
3 x stepping motor
3 x stepping motor driver (Big Easy driver)-
I got the rest from the Internet due to some stock shortage. sainsmart. com1.
Arduino board-1 x UNO R3
I work from home for the rest of the electronics. g. 1.
1 x PC 300 W power supply.
Enough cable to connect everything. An old CD-Rom drive (
Harvest parts for z-axis)
I got wood and other hardware from the local hardware store.
Wood cut by size.
Enough screws to put it together.
Kitchen drawer railing (2 x for the X-
Axis, 1 Y axisaxis)
I loaded GRBL 0 to control the machine.
8 on UNO and send g-using GRBL controller-
Code for the UNO board running GRBL.
Generate G-
Code I did my design in InkScape and used g-code plug-
I found it online.
I put everything together and I was surprised that I made it. (
See the video of my first g.
Code processing, machine write my name)
I have twins with my wife, Xander and Darius, and in the next step of this project, I have to give a name to my invention, so I put their names together, xarius CNC \"I downloaded Google SketchUp and started a design to make a better, more robust version because version 1 is just enough to play with a pen and make it for kids
With the complete plan, I went to one of our local engineering companies and got a copy of the plan from 5mm of soft steel.
This is basically for the base (x axis)
The upper part is cut out of 4mm aluminum (
Y-axis and z-axis for weight reduction on moving parts)
The parts arrived a few days later, powder coated, looks good.
The whole design is based on a linear bearing using a local 3D print shop and when it arrives, it is very suitable and can continue to be assembled.
I used 10mm BMS rods from a local steel merchant, it is straight and as arrows, produces very smooth linear motion on the x, y and z axes.
The Assembly went well and took me a few hours because I had only a few hours of free time per week, but in the end it was all worth it.
This design caters to more than one application when it comes to cutting materials, and I can add a spindle to cut wood, plastic, etc.
Or I can add a laser to make things fun.
I started adding an existing \"dremel\" tool due to tight budget and it works fine, but I\'m not a fan of all the dust.
I have been fascinated by the laser for a while and I decided to look for the laser on my CNC machine.
I have a project and I want to leave the ground and build my first balsa aircraft model and when the CNC machine is moving into the house now I need to finish cutting beautifully without dust
I stumbled upon a laser module at www. banggood. com -450-
Mini engraving machine bracket 500 mW purple laser module, I ordered it because the price is not too expensive.
Waited a while and I finally got it in the mail and revised my wiring layout to let me use my G-
Code using the M3 and M5 commands.
Another challenge I face is g-
InkScape\'s code generator cannot generate G-
Write my laser code using M5 and M3 commands, but a website called \"Save\" allows you to upload your G-
Replace the code with the correct M3 or M5 Command and all Z axis commands (
M3 turns on the laser and M5 turns off again)-thanks to!
So I made my first \"cut\" with www \". banggood.
Com laser, I was a little disappointed and it seems afterwards that I should have bought a stronger laser, but they were only 500 MW at the time, but cutting vinyl stickers was good enough, so I can decorate my plane, I can burn the floor plan of my balsa plane on my Wood and cut it with my hand.
So, I need more power to find what I want and they can help me, their number 2.
The power of the 8 w laser upgrade kit is large enough that the price will not bankrupt the bank.
Details of the laser kit can be found here: 2.
8 w laser and drive kit, fast international delivery and fast, I installed it as soon as possible.
Due to changes in some elements, I now have to do some testing on my CNC machine. 1.
The new TTL power supply Using PWM for laser output the new laser comes with a very beautiful power supply with TTL (
Allow me to control the laser power with G-
For example, the code M3 S200-
M3 turns on the laser at 200 intensity
So I had to upgrade my GRBL on the UNO board and I loaded the GRBL 0 version.
9j, supports PWM on pin 11. 2.
Wiring must be updated to accommodate new sources and laser diodes on Z-axis.
And then I installed a new G-
Code generator for JTech Photonics, which allows me to generate more laser-friendly g-
Code, allow me to specify the number of passes, adjust Z-
The shaft after each pass, laser PWM signal strength, etc.
The GRBL controller software I use is also a bit out of date and I upgraded to 3DP burner sender which is awesome.
So with everything installed, upgraded, and calibrated, I had to celebrate by cutting off one of my long favorite, a simple firewall from www. flitetest.
They provided these plans.
I will definitely put this on my next delta wing.
3 dpBurner people also have a very good image of G-
The code converter allows you to carve with a laser and works well.
The video also shows the engraving on my CNC machine (
I am also an amateur).
Kids also want their share and as a fan of Jurassic Park I can\'t refuse to engrave the logo in the photo :)
After all, I have to say that I am very happy with the results, and the only thing right now is to start the project that I originally wanted to do, using a laser cutter/engraver, it\'s just a question of getting into it and enjoying the results.
Thank you for allowing me to share this project with you.
Next project, maybe 3d printer :)
I \'ve been waiting so long and I \'ve consolidated the plan and now it\'s :)
The four panels on the left are cut from 5mm of carbon steel, and the rest are cut from 4mm of aluminum.
The whole machine is connected by m3 screws and bolts.
The holes of the stepping motor are set for a compact 17 motor. At the moment, my machine also works with GT2 timing belts and pulleys for connecting timing belts to holes on the machine is not up to you.
Send me your photos of the building and would love to see how your efforts have been made and enjoy them.
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