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Cleaning equipment as the name suggests refers

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-08
Pressure Washer: This equipment involves a mechanical sprayer that is used to remove mud, grime, dirt, etc from the surface to be cleaned. It utilizes different nozzle sizes to control the pressure and water volume. With a small nozzle size it can provide a high pressure low volume jet or with a bigger nozzle it can provide a low pressure high volume flow. Most of the Cleaning equipment of this type have three basic parts namely a motor that provides power to the water pump, a hose modelled to deliver high pressure fluid and a trigger switch. Scrubber drier: This equipment comes in three models which include a walk behind type, ride on scrubber drier and escalator and stair type. This equipment is used for cleaning the floors. It scrubs the floor and also collects any liquid spilled on the floor. This cleaning equipment comes in different sizes also depending on the scale of operations. Air compressors: It it an equipment that pressurizes and compresses air by using power from either electric or diesel engine. There are mainly two types of air compressors namely positive displacement air compressors and negative displacement air compressors. Valeting products: This category of cleaning equipment consists of all types of barrel pumps and adaptors, sprayer applications, valeting cloth telescopic wash brushes, etc Deep steam cleaning machines: This cleaning equipment comes in different sizes and models. The basic mode of function of this cleaning equipment is spraying steam and a cleaning solution onto the affected area of a rug or carpet and then using a strong vacuum pump, pull all the moisture and along with it the dirt providing a deep cleansing action. Work wear: It refers to the clothing that is worn for work. The Work wear is designed to provide better safety, durability, etc which is paramount in many industrial work places. It can have specially designed hooks, etc attached to it for Personal Protective equipment (PPE): This includes the gamut of clothing, equipment, footwear, etc that is designed to ensure protection of the wearer's body or to provide safety from occupational hazards. These are used to provide protection to personnel when it is not possible for existing technology or within the resources to create an environment without hazard and thus reduce risk to the health and life of the wearer.
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