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Catalytic converters, which have been standard in the U

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-20
Sadly, these amateur moddies gain very little in engine power for taking such a risk. Taking off the factory standard cat will only net them a measly gain of 1 hp and 1 lb-ft of torque- not a good trade off for breaking the law. Performance conscious customizers will be much better off trading in that factory issue cat for a good aftermarket version, like the Ford Magnaflow catalytic converter, which can give the engine a 5 hp boost. While it's not huge, in combination with other fine tuning modifications, it can help add up to a nice engine performance. And you won't be running scared every time you pass a police car on the road. Choosing a Custom Cat Before you jump on the bandwagon and run off to buy an aftermarket cat, there are a few things you should be aware of. Not all catalytic converters are up to the standard legal qualifications. Your catalytic converter performance is basically what is being tested when you take your vehicle in for an emissions test. Although the factory issued catalytic converter on your Ford won't be winning any prizes for best engine flow and performance, you know it will be able to get your vehicle a passing grade on that smog inspection- a requirement for legal licensing and operation of your vehicle on the road. When picking an aftermarket cat for your Ford, you need to do your research, and pick a reputable manufacturer that is CARB or EPA compliant. This ensures that their cats have been independently tested for their performance and ability to pass a smog test. Good companies aren't that hard to find- look up Ford Magnaflow catalytic converter, and you'll find that Magnaflow lists their compliance right on their website. It's important to verify these standards when shopping for an aftermarket cat because with no set regulatory agency controlling the standards, the quality and performance of these custom modification parts can vary greatly between manufacturers. Many aftermarket mod manufacturers try to cut costs by cutting corners, turning out custom cats that do not have enough of the catalytic agents necessary to adequately burn up the pollutants. Pick one of these and your vehicle's ability to pass the mandatory smog inspection becomes iffy. Remember, a good custom cat can give your engine performance a small boost, but if you really want to fine tune your power, you'll want to add a real power boosting mod like a custom Ford Mangaflow exhaust system.
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