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Canon PowerShot S95 has established a new standard

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-16
If you are unfamiliar with this type of photographic effects, you can enter a 'miniature images of the impact the search and you'll get what I'm talking about. Or go to YouTube to find the effect of the application Miniature films. You'll find that the usual scene of the city, buildings, cars, people, all turned into a cute mini toys playland. This effect is also known as tilt-shift photography, but Canon is not that way, perhaps due to the fact that this term does not mean much in most snapshot photographers. Miniature Canon S95 has the effect loss of the upper and lower parts of the image. Blurring the picture simulates the shallow depth of field, giving the impression the scene less than their actual opinion. You can create the same effects on digital post-processing with some Photoshop skills, but also in advance mode is Canon's S95 brings it to the masses and makes ready to share images directly from the camera. And what makes it even better is not only images but also movie mode. You can easily turn a simple scene into something wonderful! Using the Canon S95 Miniature mode is easy, it's really as simple as pointing to the location you want and then focus the picture. What is your focus area look bright, and everything above and below gets blurred. This mode also increase the contrast and saturation levels, which creates a dreamy effect 'on the video. High contrast scene of non-technical language to explain: Imagine you are standing on the roof terrace, sun shine, and you wanted to capture the beautiful terrace and have a bright sky as a backdrop. The overall result was the loss of image detail in highlights and shadows. Some corners may be turned flat in the dark, while other parts became too bright. This is what we call a high contrast scene, and it can often be difficult to collect. But now, the High Dynamic Range Canon S95 makes it easy to capture everything. A similar situation, the Canon S95 to take three shots of the same scene in different positions in a row. Three shots will be taken through the normal effects of exposure and under exposure mode. Then cleverly combines all the HDR three photos together into one image. end result is a rich and impressive detail, full of shadows and highlights fattening image. So now you can reveal architectural detail to the terrace and capture the blue sky as well.
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