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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-05
Let's take a look at the following case to see what the truck aftermarket lights are good for you. For example, if you bought a brand-new Chevy pickup truck from your local dealer during the year-end sale in 1998. The Chevy pickup truck has been a great vehicle for its hardy look and strong horsepower. You love it! The past Thanksgiving Day your truck hit a deer on your way home after the Thanksgiving family reunion. Ouch! Everything is fine (you and the deer) except your Chevy truck's right side headlight, corner and bumper lights got hit so hard, they need to be repaired or replaced, otherwise, the policeman would stop you. Now what can you do? One option is go back to your Chevy dealer and have your right headlight assembly replaced. It was estimated over $200 for the OEM parts of one headlight, one bumper light, and two corner lights, plus the labor fee, it is way over $300. American economy has no sign of getting better, we seem still in recession. Second option is go to any auto repair body shop and have your broken headlight replaced. You will be charged for either OEM lights or aftermarket lights plus labor cost. Umm, do the aftermarket lights have the same high quality as the OEM lights? Yes! You are assured by that auto repair guy that the aftermarket auto parts have not only high quality but also custom look with great bargain price on the online marketplace. Umm, it is worth to find a second opinion. Here comes the third and the last option. You are always proud of yourself as a DIY handy man. After you google search for 1998 Chevy truck aftermarket headlights, you find an 8pc combo set of projector headlights for your Chevy truck in chrome or black housing: two pieces of projector headlights with dual halo rings, two pieces of bumper lights, and four pieces of corner lights with amber reflectors. The complete set of headlight assembly costs less than $200 for both driver and passenger sides, and they look quite stylish. Now what? With so many auto online stores carrying the aftermarket parts and accessories, you would like to find one specializing in aftermarket auto lights with excellent reputation. After some researches on the internet, here comes KingSource.com - the leading online source for aftermarket auto lighting parts and accessories. Not only they have easy and secure online ordering, but also fast delivery with free 30 day warranty on their quality auto lights. You have choices of 6 month warranty for only $20 and one year warranty for $40. You receive the headlight package for your 1998 Chevy pickup truck in five days after the order, you find out that the headlight assembly is brand new in its original package. All the lights for your Chevy are made by OEM approved manufacturers in materials that meet strict OEM requirements. The headlights, the bumper lights, and the corner lights have pre-assembled wiring for quick application and are easy to install. Now you know what the aftermarket is good for your truck: high quality, bargain price, and custom look. After just a week your Chevy pickup truck is on the road again.
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