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Although the major brands have introduced new

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-16
Among them, the flat-panel TV from 2005 into the rapid spread of issue, the market has maintained rapid growth for five consecutive years. The slowdown starting in 2010, nearly 100% from 2009 down to about 27%, industry forecasts, growth this year, the size of the LCD TV may slow further to 10% -15%, it is clear that China's color TV industry is facing collective predicament. This overall decline from 2010, China's color TV enterprises in the financial statements can be gleaned clues, mainstream TV companies in the overall revenue increase under the premise of the profit levels are consistent decline, which means that the overall profitability TV In the overall decline. Open up new markets with new technology How to break this embarrassing situation, Guangdong's largest TV production companies Chuangjia Group Chairman Gushu Hui says that the core technology, strictly control product quality, continuous innovation is no longer follow international trends, but with new technology open up new markets, domestic color TV enterprises in order to break the current lack of core competitiveness of the status quo. At present, the TV companies for the cost of procurement panel TVs accounted for 60% of the overall cost, coupled with other key components such as graphics chips, smart chips, and even the operating system software, TV companies need to outsource parts of the overall costs can be accounted for about 80% of the cost, but now the industry chain of key components and technologies are basically controlled by Japan, Korea, the United States and other enterprises in the hands, which means that because of the lack of core technology, led to the current TV business of about 80% or even more more profit, must master the core technology into the hands of foreign companies. LiuRenBo famous home appliance market research experts once said: the domestic color TV enterprises short board is the upper panel of manufacturing strength, the layout of the downstream market to go along with Japan and South Korea; 2011, domestic brands in Internet TV market has accumulated a higher cognitive degree and technical background, it is never an opportune time to counterattack. Throughout this year's color TV market, whether it is 3D TV, or intelligent television represents the constant technological innovation and TV companies, which show that China's color TV enterprises from the previous price war to win a single market, turned to the adoption of new technologies on the market for new a pioneering and nurturing. 'Whether it is LED display technology, or intelligence, networking, and 3D products, require high-tech LCD panel, LED backlight, as well as smart chip modules support the latest 3D display technology, all the TV shows that our products started to enter the high-tech era. 'Chuangjia Group Vice President, Senior Engineer Zhang Xuerong said:' Although the smart TV's profit model is not enough clear, 3D TV film source is inadequate, 2D to 3D technology is not perfect, However, I believe, driven by the market, the next three years, these problems will be resolved, China's TV industry will be further concentrated, so now dominate the market ground to master the core technology is particularly important. ' Domestic + export new model At present the consumer electronics industry are in a rapid transition, LED, 3D and other new products have not yet reflected in sales on quickly; the CPI to rise, real estate and other policy factors, also affect the consumption of durable goods such as color TV. Some analysts said that once all the home appliances to stop, three, four sales of home appliances market to grow from the current annual 300 billion to 250 billion yuan fell below this to the Chinese home appliance enterprises sounded the alarm. But even in this context, exports of Guangdong local TV predators Chuangjia Group has started the domestic transition from purely export-oriented enterprises to 'export domestic' walking on two legs. Chuangjia Group Overseas Marketing Manager Huang Weikeng interview with reporters, said the 2010 sales in the domestic market Chuangjia quadrupled the first quarter of 2011 was recorded in the export business grew 300%. Why is optimistic for the domestic market, Huang Weikeng said: 'After 20 years of television popularity, domestic appliances have been to a fast-track replacement, which has brought great opportunities, we have rich experience of overseas markets, either management or business related to international standards of quality, these experiences can be applied to domestic, to participate in the domestic color TV market in the new round of rapid development. ' According to Huang Weikeng introduced Chuangjia now stationed Friendship Shopping, Canton 100 and other high-end department store channel, and gradually established in the country in high-end brand image. It is reported Chuangjia TV has three dozens of major cities in the country to complete the high-end market distribution channels. It is understood, and most of the domestic export enterprises of different, Chuangjia does not dominate the market at low prices, but targeting high-end products on the market today are used only in high-end models use LED-backlit LCD panel, and to achieve a size The full size model 'LED technology.' 'We use quality products to reflect the sincerity of domestic consumers, which is the company's philosophy has always insisted, so no matter how attractive real estate market, capital operation, how to make money fast, we are focused on the color TV industry, not to miscellaneous special only, so that enterprises can develop steadily. 'Chuangjia Group General Manager Gushu Hui told reporters. In addition, Chuangjia TV in product quality control is also done to strict control. Huang Weikeng introduced Chuangjia with raw material suppliers have adopted a 'sign of life and death-like' approach to quality control of raw materials, the contract states: parts supplier for examination within one year 100% qualified products, out of the purchase price is Chuangjia 10% of the bonus parts manufacturers. Conversely, if the manufacturers supply products for examination within one year 98% pass rate below 50% of the purchase price Chuangjia according to recover fine, until the contract termination. It effectively prevents the failed components in factories, in order to ensure product quality played a crucial role.
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