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Almost all cleaning machines can be used as car

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-02
This fact leads to a peculiar situation. Most vehicle cleaning professionals make use of multiple types of car wash equipment. Most people make use of a combination of pressure washers and carpet cleaners or steam cleaners and carpet cleaners. Portable carpet cleaner machines are good choices for cleaning the soft surfaces of machines. Steam cleaners and pressure washers are good for cleaning the hard parts of automobiles. This article deals mainly with mobile car washes. Most auto detailing companies and professionals now offer mobile car wash facilities. That is, cleaning workers come to the house or office of the vehicle owner (or any other place mentioned by the vehicle owner) to clean the vehicles. This service is of great convenience to the customer, but it offers new challenges to the cleaning company and cleaning professionals. Here are some tips to overcome the new challenges and to get the best out of car wash equipment. Choosing the Right Machines Choosing the right machines solves a number of future problems and inconveniences. As already mentioned, most people use a combination of pressure washers and carpet cleaners or steam cleaners and portable carpet cleaner machines for auto detailing. This works fine when the job is done on the premises of the cleaning company. This may not work well when one goes to the customer's house for detailing. For example, the cleaning workers have to carry multiple cleaning machines in addition to water and cleaning solutions, to make all these machines work. Fewer luggages ensure more comfort, even in the cleaning industry. So, which is the right car wash equipment? The problem with cleaning machines is that they are designed for cleaning either hard surfaces or soft surfaces. Conventional car pressure washers can clean hard surfaces, while upholstery cleaners can clean soft surfaces. Either car pressure washers should be redesigned to clean soft surfaces, or upholstery cleaners should be remodeled to clean hard surfaces. Portable car wash machines are basically remodeled pressure washer machines that can be used to clean soft surfaces. These are closer to perfect auto detailing machines than are all the other cleaning machines. Features The main feature of portable car wash equipment is the low pressure, high temperature output. The output pressure is always below 1500 psi, as a higher pressure levels might cause damage to vehicle surfaces. The output temperature of these machines is 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Another notable feature of these machines is about their mobility. Normally, portable carpet cleaner machines are either attached with wheels or can be mounted on trucks or trailers. The new mobile car wash equipment is attached with removable wheels. The wheels can be removed when the machine has to be mounted on trucks or trailers. Another attraction of these equipment is low flow technology, which limits the flow of water without limiting the output power. The flow rate is as low as 0.5 gpm. The low flow rate allows the operators to use these equipment in places with low or no drainage facilities.
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