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After months of settling an ugly divorce battle

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-13
However, the transition is not going as smoothly as you hoped for. The new house is not ready. It is still under construction, the builder swears it is the town holding up the permits, and it is supposed to rain for two weeks straight, pushing back the move in date. All you want is someone to give you an honest answer, someone to hear your cries and your complaints, and someone who is going to tell you everything will be alright. You need someone to lean on. Times like these require a good customer service representative. The divorce process is a sensitive time even on the good days. Adding nuisances to the equation makes it a pure nightmare. Talking to a good customer service representative can be the difference between going totally bonkers or falling into serenity. This is why it is important for self storage property managers to be highly trained in customer service skills. You never know who is on the other end of the phone and what their situation may be. If a home is not move-in ready, someone is going to need self storage until it is. Customers are not always going to reveal their reason for self storage, but the property manager needs to be equipped with customer service skills to be prepared for such sensitive times. A property manager needs to ask what the customer wants to store, but without asking for the reason. However, sometimes the reason is involuntarily spilled by the customer and the property manager needs to implement their customer service training. This is a critical time during the call. A property manager needs to ease the situation as much as possible. They need to reassure the caller that they will make the reservation and moving process as simple and trouble-free as possible. Then they need to follow through with their promise. A good customer service practice would be to put notes in the comment area of the reservation so if another property manager helps the customer check-in to the storage unit, they will know the situation and how to act. Though, good customer service tells us to treat every customer special. This is true, however every customer has their own special needs. The self storage industry receives many different types of customers with diverse backgrounds and unusual situations. It takes good customer service training to be sensitive to the issue at hand. So a property manager with good customer service skills must also be diverse to transform a customers bad situation into a positive outcome. There is nothing a property manger can do to speed up the home building process, but he or she can ease the situation by taking care of the customers storage needs as simple as possible. Not only will good customer service skills create a happy customer, it will create a happy person. And that is something a property manager at a self storage company can feel good about. That is why people become customer service representatives, to help people. It takes a certain personality to be a successful self storage property manager with great customer service skills. Often times you have to turnaround a bad situation and make it a good situation. And that is not always easy to do and handle. ------ The original article is located at Turning a Bad Situation Into a Good Situation Or visit our Self Storage Owner Website.
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