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A typical golf set consists of fourteen clubs.

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-11
Drivers : Used for long distance shots. Fairway woods : Used in lieu of irons. Wedges : They are used for short pitches; typically lifting the ball out of sand bunkers. Putters : Used to push the ball into the cup. Golf Club Sets form an important part of any golfer's kit. A golf grip is the most underrated golf accessory. Many newbie golfers think that grips are just for decoration, which is absolutely incorrect. An imperfect grip can literally cost you your game. Here are some of the important features of golf grips as. 1. Traction. New Golf Grips and well maintained grips will always provide that feel good factor. It builds confidence, letting you play your shot without the fear of losing control of your club. 2. These grips are made of special rubber compounds which needs regular maintenance. Grips can be cleaned in warm soap water to get back that traction and sparkle. 3. Corded, ribbed or grooved type grips are good for people who sweat excessively. 4. A golf grip should be replaced every year or after forty rounds of play to maintain a perfect grip. All golf clubs are made of three components; head, grip and the shaft. Of all the three Golf Components, a club head plays a big role in a golfer's game. The size, shape, construction material (Zinc, aluminium, titanium and steel), angle and hardness are some of the important parameters; helping golfers enhance their game. Golf shafts on the other hand coverts the swing of the club into enormous energy; which is used to carry the ball to the target area. Stainless steel and graphite are the two most commonly used materials. Graphite shafts are light weight, which translates into faster swing and less vibration while steel shafts are considered good for accuracy. Grips are slipped over the shaft to provide traction; it gives a solid feel while hitting the ball. It invariably dries out or hardens and therefore needs regular replacement.
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