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A sprocket can be described as a profiled wheel

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-26
Sprockets are used in bicycles, motorcycles, cars, tracked vehicles, and other machinery to transmit rotary motion between two shafts where gears are unsuitable or to impart linear motion to a track, tape etc. Perhaps the commonest form of sprocket is found in the bicycle, in which the pedal shaft carries a large sprocket-wheel which drives a chain which in turn drives a small sprocket on the axle of the rear wheel. Early automobiles were also largely driven by sprocket and chain mechanism, a practice largely copied from bicycles. These days sprockets are used across industry and agriculture to enable the drive of load across both static and mobile machinery. Sprockets are of various designs, a maximum of efficiency being claimed for each by its originator. Sprockets typically do not have a flange. Some sprockets used with timing belts have flanges to keep the timing belt cantered. Sprockets and chains are also used for power transmission from one shaft to another where slippage is not admissible, sprocket chains being used instead of belts or ropes and sprocket-wheels instead of pulleys. They can be run at high speed and some forms of chain are so constructed as to be noiseless even at high speed. Leading the way in the manufacture, sale and distribution of sprockets and chains is a company called SprocketsandChain. They supply a wide range of Sprocket and Chain components that can be retro fit to existing machinery or custom and bespoke made for any purpose, Use the links below to review the product range.
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