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A number of people still rely on chemical cleaners

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-04
Eco-Friendly and Effective There is a common misconception that green cleaning products are not as strong as harmful chemical-based detergents or cannot be very efficient against tough stains. Most chemical fluids contain methanol, which eliminates the risk of the product freezing in cold weather. Methanol, however, is a hazardous chemical that may cause damage to the environment and the car. Luckily, eco-friendly windshield fluid does not contain methanol and is much safer to use. However, that does not mean it lacks cleaning power. Green cleaning solutions use a special technology to penetrate and break down dirt particles from the inside. There are even special windshield washer fluid solutions designed for warm climates, formulated to remove sticky residues characteristic of warmer weather. Cars and Trucks Apart from windshield washer fluid, there are green cleaning solutions available for cleaning different vehicle bodies. For instance, an ordinary car may only have dust and mud deposits, tree sap, and bug spatter to clean. Heavy vehicles that are frequently used for long hauls will have different cleaning needs. This is why reputable companies offer both special green truck washer formulas suited for cleaning heavy vehicles and car wash formulas for automobile cleaning. These car and truck washes are equipped with the same technology present in the best green cleaners. The dirt molecules are not only broken down on a molecular level, but are also made to repel each other so that they do not re-adhere to the cleaned surface. Just as the green windshield washer fluid can tackle tough stains, green car and truck washes are ideal for dealing with many kinds of grease, grime, and other kinds of sedimentation. These washes are also extremely versatile and can be used to clean different surfaces. For instance, the same wash can effectively clean glass surfaces, as well as tires. This is extremely convenient for users, as they do not have to invest and use a number of different products to clean a multiple surfaces of a vehicle's exterior. Using eco-friendly windshield washer fluid and vehicle washes will ensure less damage to the vehicle and environment. This means that the vehicle will not only be cleaned more effectively, it will also last longer. Of course, environmentally friendly washer fluids and other green cleaning solutions are not harmful to the environment but are tough on dirt. Look for a reputable green chemical supplier offering a host of different solutions for automobiles and trucks: truck and car wash, glass cleaners, windshield washer fluids, glass cleaners, degreasers, parts washers, carpet and upholstery cleaners, hard surface cleaners, and more.
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