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A golf club consists of three components; grip

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-16
Aldila golf shafts are a force to reckon with. Literally! These are known for their high end design and revolutionary technology which is incorporated in all its brands, including the N-series. The N-series shafts discard non-responsive zones completely. Its pioneering features allow golfers to attain amazing distances and that too with an equally amazing accuracy. There is minimum loss of energy; typically from the shaft on to the ball because of the high modulus graphite fibres. These shafts are extremely responsiveness. Aldila's exclusive Micro Laminate Technology, which is used in their NV series, provides controlled and consistent flex. United Sports Technologies (UST) brands offer some of the most innovative and out of the box designed shafts for various types of golf clubs, such as woods, irons and hybrids. Performance and affordability is the hallmark of UST shafts. So what makes them so popular with every golfer? The major reason for its popularity is its proven track record; winning several PGA tours. Proforce is one of leading brands of this company which has fetched many laurels for its revolutionary design. 'Proforce Tip Technology' is an engineering marvel which is synonymous with four axis weave design. The only major advantage which steel shafts have over graphite is the cost. On the other hand a graphite shaft scores high points on all other fronts. Mentioned below are some of special features of graphite golf shafts. 1. They produce less after shocks or vibrations are they are technically called. High vibrations typically sting the finger tips even when the gloves are worn. 2. Less weight usually transforms into enhanced swing speed. It means the ball travels longer distances. 3. Reduced weight effectively puts less strain on the arms. A golf bag forms an integral part of any golfer's accessory. Golf bags as the name suggests are used to carry golf clubs from home to the course, for national or even for international events. Golf bags are available in many sizes, styles, features and materials. They come with or without wheels. Although standard bags fulfill their task beautifully, they look nondescript. To overcome this problem many golfers, especially professionals opt for bags which reflect their personality or the club they play for.
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