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A driver is said to be the longest and most unforgiving

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-06
Players face several challenges in the context of golf drivers. They are troubled the most by the straight of a driver. There's a 10 degree loft angle to a typical driver and a player often considers such loft of being incapable of giving the ideal lift to the ball. This makes them think that they won't be able to get the ball airborne which forces them to end up in making mistakes. This is where light golf drivers come into picture. Light golf drivers are light in weight compared to other drivers. However, many golfers believe that the large golf drivers have heavier golf club head and are ideal for hitting the ball to a greater distance. This might be true, but many golfers don't consider another aspect of it, i.e. the weight of the large golf driver. Many golfers believe that the weight of the bulky club head spoils many of their shots. The weight of the large golf driver head makes it extremely difficult to handle the golf club which ultimately results in a misplaced shot. Many golfers aren't happy about this and thus it's extremely important to be careful about the size of the head as well as its weight, so that you can cover better distance without compromising on the quality of the shot. There are several light golf drivers that come with various sizes and length and you can choose any one of them as per your comfort level. The factors that control the weight of the golf club drivers are mainly its size and material of golf driver head and shaft that conclude the weight of the drivers, whether it's light golf driver or not. Golf Driver Head Material: Besides the size of the club head, the material with which the club head is made is also important in determining the weight of the golf driver. Three different metals are used for making the head of the drivers, i.e. alloy, stainless steel and forged titanium. Stainless steel is the heaviest metal among these and the forged titanium is the lightest and the alloy head is in between these two in terms of weight. Forged titanium metals are mostly used in making light golf drivers. Golf Driver Head: The head of the standard golf driver is about 150 to 155 cc in dimension. These drivers are considerably lighter in weight and have smaller sweet spot. The drivers that are medium in size have a head about 195 cc and have bigger sweet spot than the standard size. The golf club head of the oversize golf drivers is about 250 cc and have the largest sweet spot. Though these golf drivers are best to hit the ball, they are still heavy. Thus, several golfers find it difficult hitting the ball with oversized drivers at the right angle because of the weight of the club head. The weight and material of the shaft, along with the weight of the club heads, are also accountable for the driver's weight. The shafts made from stainless steel are firm but are heavier in weight, whereas the shafts of light golf drivers are made with graphite which is more suitable for the golfers to extend their shot.
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